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 - You are Living in the Lisbon region and are charismatic, with dazzling looks and a stunning personality.

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You have a happy attitude to life, have class and style and you can easily put people at ease. And speak your languages .

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You are not arrogant but well-balanced and warm of heart.  - You are loyal and honest.  - You know how to behave in high levels of society, at fancy parties and in luxury restaurants.

You are always impeccably dressed and groomed sexy and stylish, your wardrobe is filled with high-quality clothes, shoes, sexy lingerie and handbags.

 - You take good care of your health, you teeth, hair, nails and body.

 - You preferably speak at least two languages.

 - You enjoy arts, history, books, you are updated with the latest news and you are well educated in general.

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